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Funny Picture:

Animal Pet Docter
Animal Pet Docter
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funny picture Hot Dog
Hot Dog

funny picture After A Good Party
After A Good Party

funny picture More Than Shit
More Than Shit

funny picture Doggie

funny picture Sorry Piet
Sorry Piet

funny picture No Diaper
No Diaper

Most populair Funny Pictures top 5:

funny picture Marlboro Special Blend
Marlboro Special Blend

funny picture Evel Knievel Roller Coster
Evel Knievel Roller Coster

funny picture Polis Police
Polis Police

funny picture George Bush
George Bush

funny picture Smoking Is Bad For Your Health
Smoking Is Bad For Your Health

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Funniest texts at this moment:

Funniest jokes

Who Were Jenna And Barbara Bush With When They Got Caught By The Police
Funny Celebrity Baby Names
How Many Lawyers Does It Take To Roof A House
One Day Two Kids Were Wandering Around Near A Stream
What Do You Call A Buncha Women Hanging Around Prostitutes
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Funniest insults

Yo mama so stupid you have to dig for her IQ!
Are your parents siblings?
Yo mama so ugly if ugly were bricks she'd have her own projects!
"In conversation he is even duller than in writing, if that is possible." - Juliana Smith on Noah Webster
Yo mama so fat when she bungee jumps she pulls down the bridge too
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Top Msn names

category funny:
My cat's name is mittens!
I have a picture of u, I think its very nice, I put it under my bed... 2 scare away the mice!
Life is one long insane trip... Some people just have better Directions!
Whoever said nothing's impossible never tried to slam a revolving door
Pizza is a lot like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good
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category love:
Do you believe in love at first site, or should I walk by again?
I thought that I could love no other. Until, that is, I met ur brother!
Be smart, Be clever put me in your heart 4-ever
If I,m a bird than you are my seed, because you are the only one I need
I Would Lie 4 U, Cry 4 U, Ride Or Die 4 U, Touch The Sky 4 U! If You,d Ask me 2!
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category cool:
if you love me let me know ,, if you don't let me GO
War does not determine who is right... but who is left
Be nice to your children. For they will be choosing your nursing home someday
What is arrogance? Thinking you can compete with me!
I came, I saw, I drank, I forgot.
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Funniest Sms texts

I had a ploughman's lunch T oTr day. He wasn't V happy.
Whats the best thing about babies? MAKING EM!
Theres a warmth in my heart. It haunts me when you're gone. Mend me to your side and never let go. The more I live The more I know, what's simple is true, I love you.
The fact that there are 'intelligent' extraterrestrial creatures is proven by the fact that they did not contact us yet.
I asked God for a Flower, He gave me a garden I asked for a tree He gave me a forest, I asked for a river He gave me an ocean, I asked for an angel He gave me you
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Funniest riddles

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Lawyers are like nuclear warheads.
What is black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?
How many poets does it take to change a light bulb?
What did the horse say when he fell?
Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover?
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Name: miranda
I like this site it has many funny things!

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Nice site!!! I love the weirdmaker and funny pictures, can you add more pictures ........ please??????

Name: Danny 007
Very goog site!! But it were great if yout take hopper 4 to free download!

Name: Madison
i dnt hav a complaint or nuffin lyk dat but fink dis website is really kool & it rocks!!!!!!! keep it up lol

Name: Tina
i like this page!

Name: Sossie
Really funny site! I love visiting!

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