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Funny Picture:

eat more chicken
eat more chicken
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funny picture hold on

hold on
funny picture war at the office

war at the office
funny picture eat more chicken

eat more chicken
funny picture digging

funny picture painfull plates

painfull plates

most populair funny pictures top 5:

funny picture george bush

george bush

funny picture smoking is bad for your health

smoking is bad for your health

funny picture marlboro special blend

marlboro special blend

funny picture evel knievel roller coster

evel knievel roller coster

funny picture polis police

polis police

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Funniest jokes

Funny Celebrity Baby NamesErykah Badu and Andre Benjamin- Seven Sirius (BOY)David and Angela Bowie- Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones (BOY)Nicholas Cage and Alice Kim- Kal-el(BOY)Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes- Suri(GIRL)Courtney Cox and ... read more
Q: Who were Jenna and Barbara Bush with when they got caught by the police? A: Their uncle Anheuser ... read more
Question: How many lawyers does it take to roof a house?
Answer: Depends on how thin you slice them. ...
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One day a guy goes to his doctor and says, "Doc I have these real bad headaches. What should I do?" The doctor replies, "Well, to get rid of my headaches I just have sex with my wife." They both laugh. A week later the patient ... read more
One day two kids were wandering around near a stream. One of the boys wandered off near a bush and the other wandered farther down stream. The boy who was wandering down stream started to get lonely, so he went to find his other ... read more
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Funniest insults

Hey, I heard you went to the butcher and asked for 10 cents worth of dog meat and he asked you if you wanted it wrapped or if you would eat it on the spot.
I don't think you are a fool. But then, what's my own humble opinion against thousands of others?
You must have a low opinion of people if you think they're your equals.
Yo momma's so stupid she asked you what the number for 911 was.
You're so small, you pose for trophies.
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Top Msn names

category funny:
My cat's name is mittens!
I have a picture of u, I think its very nice, I put it under my bed... 2 scare away the mice!
Life is one long insane trip... Some people just have better Directions!
God made elfs God made deers God made u such a queer
Whoever said nothing's impossible never tried to slam a revolving door
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category love:
Do you believe in love at first site, or should I walk by again?
I thought that I could love no other. Until, that is, I met ur brother!
If I,m a bird than you are my seed, because you are the only one I need
Be smart, Be clever put me in your heart 4-ever
I Would Lie 4 U, Cry 4 U, Ride Or Die 4 U, Touch The Sky 4 U! If You,d Ask me 2!
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category cool:
if you love me let me know ,, if you don't let me GO
War does not determine who is right... but who is left
What is arrogance? Thinking you can compete with me!
Be nice to your children. For they will be choosing your nursing home someday
I came, I saw, I drank, I forgot.
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Funniest Sms texts

I had a ploughman's lunch T oTr day. He wasn't V happy.
Theres a warmth in my heart. It haunts me when you're gone. Mend me to your side and never let go. The more I live The more I know, what's simple is true, I love you.
Whats the best thing about babies? MAKING EM!
You can close your eyes for certain facts, but not for the memories.
It is better to be fair than to be popular!
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Funniest riddles

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Lawyers are like nuclear warheads.
What is black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?
How many poets does it take to change a light bulb?
What did the horse say when he fell?
What did the instructor at the school for Kamikaze pilots say to his students?
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We can always tell when you are lying. Your lips move.

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I like this site it has many funny things!
Nice site!!! I love the weirdmaker and funny pictures, can you add more pictures ........ please??????
Name:Danny 007
Very goog site!! But it were great if yout take hopper 4 to free download!
i dnt hav a complaint or nuffin lyk dat but fink dis website is really kool & it rocks!!!!!!! keep it up lol
i like this page!
Really funny site! I love visiting!

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