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Hopper 4 game Mountain of the Sun

Play the newest version of Hopper the extremely addictive online platform game part 4!.
The goal of the game is to navigate Hopper to the top of the mountain.
While Hopper is traveling up the mountain he must look out not to fall of the mountain and he may not touch enemies and other dangerous objects.
In each level Hopper has to find the Golden Star, before this star is visible Hopper must collect all the Red Balls in each level. When he collects the Golden Star Hopper can travel to the next level.
How higher Hopper travels up the mountain how challenger the levels become!


Move = arrow keys
Jump = spacebar

Large game screen


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how the hell do u play this.
i wuz looking for a cool site 2 check out that had my fav game, hopper. i googled it and look where i am! at 4funnies.com!:)
excellent game
i liked the game and the new monsters and every thing but i think the levels should be mor ecreative and that HOPPER 5 AND HOPPER 2 should have different themes and backgrounds, every game background should be different
i luv dis game m at hopper 4 cheers!
so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love it!!

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