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>> I am nobody, no body is perfect, therefore i am perfect! ;)

I am on the seafood diet. I see food and I eat it!

I thought my attitude was bad, until I smelled your breath!

Im sooo Bad, i do it in the car,i do it on the couch,i do it on my bed...GOD Texting is SUCH an obssession

Fat people are harder to kidnap

Some says that sunshine follow thunder

Be selfish just once... If your upset, take someone elses life instead of your own!

Friendship is like wetting your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel the true warmth

What do they call Bush his zipper? The "U.S. Open

Girls want a lot of things from one guy. Conversely, guys want one thing from a lot of girls

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I thought pigs lived in farms, what are u doing here?!?

I like my steak so rare that when you poke it, it still says mooooo

Behind every successful woman, is a man who is surprised

:) My darling my love, my beautiful wife. Marrying you screwed up my life :S

[;)] [:P] ι нανє ℓσтѕ σƒ ι∂єαѕ. тяσυвℓє ιѕ, мσѕт σƒ тнєм ѕυ¢к.[:D] [/)]

You were so cute as a baby... what happened?!?

If electricty comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Knowledge Is Knowing That A Tomato Is A Fruit, Wisdom Is Not Putting It In A Fruit Salad.

They say hard work never hurts anybody, but why take the chance!

Men are like roses, you got to watch out for all the pricks

One-Liner Top 5:

Crime in multi-storey car parks. That is wrong on so many different levels.
Do you wanna see a magic trick? Watch me pull something out of my pants!
Becoming a father is easy enough, but being one can be very rough.
People say I'm condescending. That means I talk down to people.
If winning isn't everything why do they keep score?