Funny Jokes | Blonde Jokes | One Day A Blonde Brunette And Red Head Went To Climb A Hill And Decided To Have A Throwing Contest

One day a Blonde Brunette and Red head went to climb a hill, and decided to have a throwing contest. So, the Brunette went first and she threw a dirt claude. after that she went down the hill to see how far it went and she saw a little boy crying. She asked him what was wrong and he replied that a dirt claude fail threw the sky and killed his puppy. Feeling gulity she walked off and went back to the hill.

Next, the red head went, and she threw brick and went down the hill to see how far it went. She found a girl crying on the sidwalk and asked what was wrong. The girl said that a brick fail threw the sky and killed her boyfriend. the red head left the girl there crying and went back up the hill.

Last the blonde threw a bomb and ran down the hill. She discovered an old lady laughing her butt off and asked her what was so funny. The old lady said I farted and I blew my house down.