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Bad Jokes: A Lady Walked Into A Bank

A lady walked into a bank and asked to make a wager.
'I'm sorry, lady, but the bank doesn't make bets.'
the manager said to her.
'Oh I don't wanna make a bet with the bank, I want to make a bet with YOU.'
she said 'I wanna bet you, that by 10:00 tomorrow, your balls will be square.
If I win, I get 10,000$.
If you win, we go our separate ways.
The banker agrees and has the worst day and night he has ever had, constantly checking to see if they are still round.
By 10:00 the next day, felling quite pleased with himself that he has won.
At 9:59, the woman walks in with a huge Texan right behind her.
The banker pulls his pants down and the lady checks.
While she is checking, the Texan faints, makeing a huge thump.
'What's wrong with him?'
the banker asks.
'Oh, nothing.
I just bet him 50,000$ that by 10:00 this morning, I would have a banker by the you-know-what's.'

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