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Bad Jokes: Early One Morning Two Nuns Were

Early one morning, two nuns were out fishing.
One nun catches a fish, and upon inspecting it, says, 'This is a nice God Damn fish!'
The other nun, ashamed by what she heard, exclaims, 'Sister, you can't swear, you're part of the house of god!'
Calmly, the nun explains 'But it's the name of the fish, a God Damn fish'
A few hours later, satisfied with the fish they caught, they went back to the chapel to prepare the fish for a special dinner for a new minister they had acquired.
At dinner that evening with the fish perfectly prepared, the nuns ask the minister how he is enjoying his meal.
'Father, how do you like the God Damn fish?'
The father, caught by surprise and not skipping a beat, shouts 'I like this fucking place already!'

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