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Bar Jokes: A Man Walks Into A Bar

A man walks into a bar with a brown paper bag, he puts the bag on the bar, and takes out a tiny little man, he then takes out a tiny piano, finally he takes out a stool and puts it in front of the piano.
the small man then sits down at the piano and starts playing it perfectly.
The bar tender turns to the man and says, 'That's great, where did u get that from?'
So the man turns to him and says, 'Well I found this lamp the other day and a genie popped out and said I could have a wish'
And then the man passed the lamp to the bartender and said, 'Here u have a go'
So the bartender took the lamp and rubbed it, and a genie came out.
So the bartender wished for a 'million bucks'
About an our later the door opens and a steady line of ducks start coming in, one after another, until every inch of the pub has a duck on it.
So the bartender shouts at the top of his lungs to the man with the genie, 'I THINK YOUR GENIE F**CKING DEAF!'
And the man replies, 'Do you really think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?!'

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