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Britney Spears had just bought her new car and decided to go shopping with her friend and rival, Christina Aguilera.
A few hours later she came out and realizes she had locked her keys in the car, so they spent a few hours pacing around the car trying to figure out what to do.
Finally, Britney looked off into the distance and saw storm cloud.
She turned to her friend and said, "Quick, think of something because a storm is coming and I left the top open!"

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How did we know that Monica Lewinsky would testify?
Because she has a history of not being able to keep her mouth closed!

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Why did Osama bin Laden visit Mount Sinai?
He wanted to see the burning Bush!

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Time magazine sent a survey to women in Arkansas, asking for their opinions on the Clinton Sex Scandal.
One of the questions: Would you ever have an affair with Bill Clinton?
The results were staggering!
5% answered "No"
3% answered "Yes"
92% answered "Never Again!"

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George Bush is so stupid, he went to a concert and waved to Stevie Wonder!

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What do David Beckham and a Cartier watch have in common?
They both come in a Posh box!

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President Trump tweeted congratulations to the Houston Astros for winning the World Series.
Trump said he’s so happy for the Astros, he’s only going to deport some of the players.

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What did Ms.
Lewinsky allegedly say when offered a position at the UN?
Would that, then, be a ’missionary position?’

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How do you know Bill Clinton is done having sex?
You have to wipe the Whitewater off your dress!

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What do Barbie and Britney Spears have in common?
Both are blonde, brainless and made out of plastic.

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