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Corny Jokes: A Guy Is Walking Along The

A guy is walking along the beach and he stumbles on a Genie Bottle.
He rubs it and out pop two Genies.
He makes three wishes.
When he gets home, he hears a knock on the door and outside there are 20 beautiful naked women.
Walking back inside he sees a briefcase sitting on his coffee table.
Opening it he see $20 million dollars.
'Wow, my first two wishes have come true!'
he yells.
He gets ready to do his thing with the women when he hears another knock on the door.
When he opens the door there are two Ku Klux Klan guys.
First, they beat the him up, then they tar and feather him.
Next, they take him out back and lynch him.
When the KKK guys are sure he is dead, they take their hoods off to reveal the two Genies!
The first Genie turns to the second and says, 'You know, I can understand his first two wishes but why would he want to be hung like a black man?'

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