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Corny Jokes: A Hippy Walks Into A Bar

A hippy walks into a Bar and Grill.
The waiter comes up to him and asks him if he wants anything.
So the Hippy says 'Yeah a cheeseburger.
Not too well done, not to rare, but right in the groove.' So the waiter brings his burger and asks if he wants anything to drink.
He says 'A cup of tea.
Not too hot, not too cold, but right in the Groove.' The waiter's kinda getting pissed now, but he brings the tea and kinda slams it on the table.
Little while later the waiter comes back and asks the Hippy if he wants any dessert.
He says 'Yeah some ice cream.
Not too chocolate, not too vanilla, but right in the Groove.' So the waiter says 'Why don't you kiss my ass.
Not the right cheek, not the left cheek, but right in the Groove!'

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