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Corny Jokes: College Menu And Apology From Mlk

College Menu and Apology From MLK Day
The following is a dining menu from a university on Martin Luther King Day................
Martin Luther King Jr Specials TODAY - January 21  Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, Black-eyed Pea Rice & Cornbread $6.59  Don't miss our MLK Specials today!
Herman's Famous Southern Fried Chicken -- made with his own homemade secret recipe!
Grilled and Slow-roasted BBQ Ribs rubbed with our special blend or spices  Baked Macaroni & Cheese-with mounds of cheese, of course!
Slow-cooked Seasoned Collard Greens 'Tender Lovin' Care'
Candied Yams Herman's very special Potato Salad and...
the very best Red Beans and Rice on campus!
And this email is from the dining services department the following day....................
Dining Services wishes to apologize for any misunderstanding pertaining to our menu offerings in celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday.
No disrespect to the legacy of Dr.
King or any member of the university community was intended and we deeply regret any offense that we have caused.
Our dining facilities have taken many opportunities over the past years to celebrate the numerous cultural holidays of our diverse community through special menus and theme dinners.
While we have regularly offered a traditional southern menu in our various dining facilities that has been enjoyed by many, in retrospect we fully understand how this could be interpreted as inappropriate on this occasion.
Dining Services has as its primary goal the total satisfaction of our diverse customers.
We are truly sorry that our attempt to commemorate the life and memory of Dr.
Martin Luther King may have instead detracted from his celebration.
We hope that you will accept our sincere apologies and look forward to working with the university community in the future in celebration of our diversity.

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