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Dirty Jokes: A Guy Named Ivan Lives In

A guy named Ivan lives in Russia.
He is walking along the road one day and he finds a magic lamp.
Ivan rubs the magic lamp and a genie pops out.
the genie says 'ok Ivan you get one wish!'
Ivan says I wish for every time I piss it is vodka.
The genie says 'ok granted.'
Ivan runs home to to his wife and says 'hey Natasha get 2 glasses'.
He takes the 2 glasses and pisses in both.
he says 'here try it my piss is vodka.'
Natasha tries some and says 'holy smokes your piss is vodka'.
Next night Ivan comes home and says 'hey Natasha go get 1 glass.
Natasha says 'how come only 1 glass?'
Ivan says 'tonight I drink from the glass and you drink from the bottle.'

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