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Dirty Jokes: Ok Now You Know How Newlyweds

Ok now you know how newlyweds like to screw all the time, well the the husband bought colored condoms to make it interesting and the wife always like the yellow ones.
Well when they were done he would always throw it out the window.
Well one day they were out of yellow ones so the husband went outside to get the one he threw out and when he got there a little kid was holding it.
So he thought of a way to get it back.
He went up to the kid and said, 'Hey kid I'll give you 20 dollars for that Twinkie!'
The kid said, 'Ok'
Well the guy went home happy and the kid went back to his mom and said, 'Mom this guy gave me 20 bucks for a Twinkie I already sucked the filling out of!'

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