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Doctor Jokes: A Dentist Say S To His

A dentist say's to his patient 'There is a cavity here I must drill, but before hand I will numb the area with Novacain'
The patient says 'No thanks just drill it.'
The dentist says 'Sir, that would be the worlds worst pain if I drilled your tooth without Novacain'.
The patient says, 'Not even close as I have experieced the worlds 1st and 2nd worst pain there is'.
Intrigued, the dentist inquires as to what could possibly hurt that bad.
The patient says that he experienced the second worst pain while hunting.
'About noon time I had to take a dump and when I dropped my pants and squatted, my family jewels triggered a bear trap'.
The dentist agreed that that would hurt more that drilling his tooth, 'but'
he asked, '
you say that is the second worst pain in the world?
What could possably hurt worse than that'.
The patient said.'When I stood up and ran..and hit the end of that chain'

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