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Doctor Jokes: A Four Year Old Little Boy

Baby Eater.
A four year old little boy was at the doctor's office with his mother in the waiting room when he spotted a pregnant lady on the other side of the room.
Having nothing better to do, he walk over to her and inquisitively asks, 'Why is your stomach so big?'
She replied, 'I'm having a baby.'
With big eyes, he replied, 'Is the baby in your stomach?'
She said, 'He sure is.'
Then the little boy, with a puzzled look on his face, asked yet another question, 'Is it a good baby?'
She said, 'Oh, yes.
It's a real good baby.'
At this point the woman is thinking the little boy is incredibly cute and looks forward to what he has to say next...
And, much to her surprise, with an even more surprised and shocked look than before, he asks, 'Then why did you eat him?'

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