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Odd but True Facts * Molecularity speaking, water is actually much drier than sand.
* The term 'bank teller'
originated in the wake of the 1929 stock market crash, when banks began hiring low-paid workers to 'tell'
throngs of frantic depositors that their money was gone.
* The brand name 'Jelly Belly'
was created in 1982 after Nancy Reagan made a much-publicized quip about her husband's 20-pound weight gain.
* The Internal Revenue Service audits 87 percent of women who claim breast implants as tax deductions.
* Scandinavian berserkers used to cut out their eyes before battle to spare themselves the sight of the carnage they invariably wrought.
* Human tonsils can bounce higher than a rubber ball of similar weight and size, but only for the first 30 minutes after they've been removed.
* Comic duo Cheech and Chong were originally known as Spic and Span before changing due to pressure from Chicano organizations.
* The city of Slaughter, Texas (population: 11,284), has never had a homicide occur within its boundaries.
* Rubbing Tabasco on one's upper lip before bedtime is an effective temporary cure for sleep apnea.

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