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Why is it so difficult to find men who are caring, sensitive, and good-looking?
They already have boyfriends.

A gay guy, a chain smoker, and an alcoholic all are at heaven's gate and God tells them, 'If you can break your bad habits I will let you into heaven.'
So the three men are sent back to earth and are walking down the street and they see a bar.
They walk inside and all three have a drink then the alcoholic burns and goes to hell.
The gay guy and the chain smoker are walking down the street when someone flicks their cigarette the smoker bends over to pick it up and they both burn and go to hell.

What do you call a bunch of gay guys standing on line?
Fruit by the foot.

Four gay guys in a hot tub a condom floats up waht do they say?
who farted ?

If you say It is hard to keep a tractor strait as it is keeping a gay strait.

I ran into your boyfriend the other day, I called him gay and he hit me with his purse!

Mating call of a cuckoo: 'Cuckoo, cuckoo.'
Mating call of an owl: 'Twitwoo, twitwoo.'
Mating call of a blackbird: 'Go on Jerry shove that cock up me arse!'

Gay and Rabbi
A gay guy and a Rabbi die and go to heaven.
When they approach the gates of heaven the rabbi is told 'You can stay here as long as you don't let your greed for money get to you'
and then the gay guy is told 'And you can stay here as long as you don't let your gay urges get the best of you.
If either of you break these rules, you will both go to hell'.
The next day the rabbi sees a hundred dollar bill on the floor and decides to pick it up.
Suddenly POOF POOF.
Both men go to hell...

What do gay termites eat?

Why do they make glow in the dark condoms?
So that gay men can play Star Wars.


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