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Good Jokes: A Neatly Dressed Salesman Stopped A

A neatly dressed salesman stopped a man in the street and asked, 'Sir, would you like to buy a a bottle of this mouthwash for $200.00?'
The man replies, 'Are you nuts?
That's robbery!'
The salesman seemed hurt and then tries again, 'Sir, since you are a bit irate, I'll sell it to you for half price at $100.00?'
Again, the man replies bluntly, 'You must be crazy pal, now go away!'
Then the salesman reaches into his briefcase and pulls out two brownies and begins munching away on one of them.
He tells the irate guy, 'Sir, please share one of my brownies since I have annoyed you so much.'
Unwrapping the brownie, the guy takes a bite;
suddenly, the guys spits it out and says, 'HEY!', he snarled, 'this brownie tastes like crap!'
'It is!', replies the salesman, 'wanna buy some mouthwash?'

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