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Jokes For Kids: In A Small Town Three Mothers

In a small town, three mothers were conversing about their sons over a cup of tea.
They were bragging about whose son was more prestigious.
The first mother said, 'Well, my son is the pastor at a church of over 1000 people.
Whenever he walks into the room, they all say, Good day, Father.'
The second mother didn't even need to think and replied, 'Well, my son is the Pope, and is in charge of the collected souls of over 1 billion people.
When he enters a room, everyone says, Good Day, you're Holiness.'
The third mother sat there thinking for a moment, as the two mothers stared at her in anticipation.
Finally she said, 'Well my son is a 400 pound football player.
When he enters the room, everyone says 'OH MY GOD!''

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