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Jokes For Kids: Two Hunters Decide To Go Moose

Two hunters decide to go moose hunting in Canada.
They hire an airplane to drop them off in a remote region.
The pilot drops them off and tells them: 'I'll be back in one week.
No more than one moose - got it?'
One week passes, and the pilot returns.
The hunters have two moose.
The pilot says: 'Hey, I told you guys no more than one moose.'
One of the hunters replies: 'Look the pilot told us the same thing last year and we gave him a *big* tip to take both moose out.'
The three of them argue for several minutes more.
The pilot gives up and agrees to take both moose.
Well, they load up the moose and fire up the plane.
The plane shudders and strains trying to take off.
It finally gets the wheels off the ground 5 feet, 10 feet....
It runs out of runway and smashes into a tree.
The two hunters, dazed and confused make there way out of the wreckage.
One hunter looks at the other and says: 'Where the Hell are we?'
The other looks around and replies: 'About 100 yards further than we got last year!'

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