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Relationship Jokes: A Man And His Girlfriend Were

A man and his girlfriend were enjoying a ride late one stormy night in the country.
As they were driving down a dirt road, the truck got stuck in the mud.
The guy hops out to look and comes back and says to his girlfriend, 'I need you to take off your clothes so I can put them under the tires from traction.'
She does and after awhile of trying he says, 'Okay, we're stuck.
Go down to that farm and see if someone has a phone.'
She says, 'But I'm naked!'
He looks at her and says, 'Well, tie my boots around your hips to cover up with and just use your hands to cover your chest with.'
She makes it down the the farm and bangs on the door.
The farmer walks out and she yells, 'Help, my boyfriend is stuck and can't get out!'
He looks at the boots and says, 'Honey, he's too far in to come out!'

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