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Relationship Jokes: Oh John Do You Remember The

'Oh John, do you remember, the last time we were up here was 25 years ago and we made love for the very first time near an old disused barn.
I wonder if we could find it again.'
'I shouldn't think it'd be here after all this time.'
he said, 'but we'll go and have a look.'
Suprisingly enough, the barn was still there.
'Look Doreen, I sat you on that fence over there and we made love, let's do it again.'
She agreed and he sat her on the fence and began the business.
Doreen went completely wild, thrashing her arms in the air and waving her feet around.
'Wow, Doreen, you didn't do that last time.'
'I know'
she stammered, 'but it wasn't electrified then.'

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