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Religious Jokes: He Had Two Parrots

He had two parrots.
A cussing one, and a holy one.
Cussing parrot was green and the holy one was white.
The priest usually use to carry white one to church.
So it happens a day that somebody sprayed the white to green and the green to white.
So good one was bad and bad one was good.
So church day comes now, The priest comes now to pick up the white parrot to carry it church.
The priest gave the parrot three breads which indicates blessings, and every time he prayed for a blessing the parrot would drop a bread from above.
The blessings now was for three men that had to be offered up.
But it happen by chance one extra man came.
So the priest prayed and ask God for blessing on the first man.
The parrot dropped a bread.
Second man come now the priest said father God father God Please for blessing the parrot dropped a next a bread, third man come now priest said father God father God please for a blessing parrot drop bread.( fourth man come now- priest said father God father God plz for a blessing) Then the priest looks up to the parrot, the parrot says, 'EH this look to u like FUCKING bread shop', and shits in priest face.
Then parrot says, 'You give me fucking extra bread!'
Then flies out the church!

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