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Hopper 6 game - Hopper 5 game - Hopper 4 game - Hopper 1 game - Hopper 2 game - Hopper 3 game
Welcome to the original Hopper games page!



Hopper games!

Play Hopper 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6!

Coming Soon Hopper 7

Can you reach the top of the mountain?

Hopper games Hopper games Hopper games
Hopper 1
Hopper 1 >
Hopper 2
Hopper 2 >
Hopper 3
Hopper 3 >
Hopper 4
Hopper 4 >
Hopper 5
Hopper 5 >
Hopper 6
Hopper 6 >
Hopper 7
Hopper 7
Hopper games Hopper games Hopper games

All graphics, sounds and levels in all Hopper games have been updated. Hopper 1 and 3 are completely recreated, with many level changes. Lives have been removed, you may now retry each level unlimited times. The color and movement of the Spikeys (enemies) have been changed and there are new Spikeys added.

Have fun!

You can find the Hopper games all around the internet, but this is the original Hopper games website. More Hopper games will be added in the future!

Hopper games

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