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Corny Jokes: April First Pranks

April First pranks
Remove the tobacco from a cigarette and replace it with gun powder.
Put a little tobacco on the end to hide the powder.
Now give it to a friend.
Tape a bra to the wall and door, at chest level.
Now when some one opens the door they will walk into the bra.
(It's a 'Booby Trap')
Call every business and school, store, etc in town and make a bomb threat.
(Don't do that! Please!)
Put a smoke bomb next to some ones car, where they can't see it and tell them the car is on fire.
Jack some one's car up and put it on jack stands, so they can't drive.
Call the Dominoes Pizza and order a bunch of pizzas for all your neighbors.
Sit inside and watch out the window and see every one's reactions when they tell the delivery person, 'I did not order that.'
(This really pisses the delivery driver off.
Especially now with the high gas prices.)

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