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Corny Jokes: One Day Stupid Trouble And Shut

One Day Stupid, Trouble, and Shut Up were driving along in their car when Trouble suddenly hurled himself out of the window.
Well, Stupid and Shut Up did not know what to do so they went to the police station.
When they got there the chief asked them their names.
'Shut Up', replied Shut Up.
'Stupid', replied Stupid.
The police chief thought these people were telling him to shut up, and were calling him stupid.
Which made him very mad.
'Excuse Me!'
shouted the chief.
Thinking the chief was hard of hearing, They once again shouted there names.
'Shut Up!'
The police chief was very riled.
He then asked'
Are you looking for trouble?'!
Stunned at the idea of the chief knowing that they were looking for their friend, they replied,'Why yes, how did you know?'

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