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Redneck Jokes: Hi-tech Redneck

Hi-tech Redneck Backup - What you do when you run across a varmint in the woods.
Bug - The reason you give for calling in sick to work.
Byte - What your pit bull done to cousin Billy-Bob.
Chip - Cow pasture surprises that you try not to step in.
Terminal - When yer about to die.
Crash - When you go to Jethro's party uninvited.
Digital - The art of counting on yer fingers.
Diskette - Female who dances the disco.
Fax - What you lie about to the IRS and yer wife.
Hacker - Uncle Willie after 32 years of smoking.
Hard copy - Picture used to help you select a tattoos.
Internet - Where cafeteria ladies put their hair.
Keyboard - Where you hang the keys to yer John Deere.

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