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Relationship Jokes: There Are Three Men In Line

There are three men in line to get in to heaven.
Each man is asked how he died by Saint Peter.
The first man says, 'Well you see Saint Peter, I was having suspicions that my wife was cheating on me.
So I came home early to try to see if it was true.
I searched everywhere he could hide.
I was starting to think I was wrong when I saw a man hanging off the edge of my balcony, furious I started to pound on his hands when he wouldn't let go, I ran inside and grabbed a hammer and started to hammer his fingers.
I looked down to see if he survived and he did so I pulled the refrigerator out of the wall and tossed it over the edge giving my self a heart attack.'
Then the man was let into heaven.
Then Saint Peter asks the second man how he died.
So the second man says, 'You see Saint Peter, I was doing my usual work out on my balcony when I fell over the railing, but I had the luck of catching the railing of the balcony below mine then a man came and I thought that I was rescued when he starts to pound my fingers I realized he was trying to make me fall and die.
When I wouldn't let go he got a hammer and started hammering my fingers so I let go and fell in to some bushes and got up to run away when he dropped a refrigerator on me!'
Then second man was let in to heaven.
Saint Peter once again asks how the man died and the third man says to Saint Peter, 'So get this, I was hiding in a refrigerator when...'

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