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Religious Jokes: A Scottish Priest Was An Avid

A Scottish priest was an avid golfer who would try to play every chance he got.
One Sunday morning he noticed the perfect weather conditions and decided to skip the service.
He called in a back-up preacher and drove 10 miles away where nobody would recognize him to play golf.
The Priest's guardian angel was watching this and was shocked, and turned to God and said 'Look at what he's doing!
He should be punished!'
The preacher swung at the ball and shot it perfectly.
It sailed perfectly and landed square in the hole 400 yards away -- a hole in one.
He was perplexed and screaming for joy.
The guardian angel was confused.
He turned to God and said, 'I thought you were going to punish him!?'
God laughed.
'Think about it -- who can he tell?'

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