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Silly Jokes: Paddy English Man Paddy Irish Man

Paddy English man, Paddy Irish man and Paddy Scottish man were all sitting down for lunch after a hard hour of work.
They all took out there lunches and screamed.
Paddy English man said 'If my wife gives me ham sandwiches again, I'm gona kill myself'.
And so did Paddy Scottish man and Paddy Irish man.
The next day it came to lunch time and three bodies were found at the site.
The three Paddies wives were called in and had the situation explained to them.
Paddy English mans wife said 'If he had only told me, i would have changed the sandwich!'.
Paddy Scottish's wife said the same, but Paddy Irish mans wife said 'I don't know what the problem was, he made his own sandwiches!'

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