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Bar Jokes: These Three English Guys Are Out

These three English guys are out drinking one night and decide that they want to have a fight.
They stagger from pub to pub looking for a likely victim to pick on when they come across a single Irishman in this one bar.
'Watch this!', says the first Englishman, heading over toward the guy, 'I heard that St. Patrick was a shift lifter.'
'Really?', says the Irishman, calmly continuing to drink.
With that the second English guy decides to join in, 'Yeah, and he was a pervert too.'
'Is that so?', the still calm Irishman responds.
'I know how to rile this tosser!', says the third Englishman, staggering toward the Irishman, 'Hey, did you know St. Patrick was really an Englishman?'
The Irish guy casually looks up and says, 'Yeah, so your mates were telling me!'

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